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25 November / saving
My professional field is web development, and throughout my years, I’ve hosted a lot of websites. Between personal sites and clients’ sites, I’ve managed the hosting for dozens of projects. I have to say, though, that how I set up Eff You Money, must be the cheapest I have ever seen or accomplished. Not only is it cheaper, it’s incredibly faster, more reliable, infinitely scalable, and I only pay for the exact amount of what I use.
11 November / saving
I can’t believe it happened to me. Lifestyle inflation is real. I know that I’m spending a lot more than I used to, but I want to see if I’m really on a bad track. Certainly, my spending can be improved…but I just want to see how far off the deep end I’ve gone since my income has increased dramatically. In order to save more, I need to spend less.
06 November / saving
I’m pretty partial to running a candle in the house from time to time. Who doesn’t like having a good scent in the house? They do get pretty expensive, though. For about $15, you can get one of the typical, large Yankee candles from Amazon. How much will this cost? Well, like I said, $15 is the price for the candle. Its advertised lifespan is 110-150 hours of burn time, so let’s take the higher number and figure out a price per hour.
31 October / saving
Can you put a price tag on remote work? Well, I intend to. I’ve been working remotely as a web developer since February of 2017. Honestly, I don’t think there’s a better work environment. You can generally start when you want to, take breaks when you want to, and end when you want to. What I’m describing isn’t a slacker’s paradise…because honestly it’s very easy to know when a person is barely getting any work done.