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Alcohol worth spreadsheet

I like to get sauced.  But, which alcohol can get me the drunkest for the cheapest?  Sure, taste counts, this isn’t the Marines anymore…but this is a financial independence blog.  I’m not going to get...


Cut your own hair

Haircuts are something that everybody needs unless you plan on looking like a homeless tramp or you’re a hermit.  Do it yourself and you can save yourself a big chunk of money.


Meal prepping: Lunch edition

Meal prepping is one of my favorite activities, even before /r/mealprepsunday was a thing.  I wanted something I could make every week that: Was easy for a beginner to learn Had room for variation Was...


When it’s time to stop acquiring new things

There’s a book out there that I read called “Your Money or Your Life” (description/price at the bottom) that gives notion to the idea of “hedonic adaptation.”  This is to say that when you buy...


Where I am now

At this point in my life, I’m very fortunate to have a bunch of excess money every month.  Since this is an anonymous blog, it’s great that I can discuss real numbers without worry...


Where I’ve been

I wasn’t always treating money like it could buy my freedom.  I was treating it like most people do — a way to buy all the things I want.  When I ran out of...



Hi there and welcome to Eff You Money.  My goal here is to write down my journey to financial independence and early retirement.  My salary is modest ($55k/yr), but so are my needs.  I need...