Earn Passive Income by Automating Tumblr Blogs With Blend Press

It’s very easy to get started generated passive income by creating a Tumblr, but it’s quite another to have it become popular and start generating money for you.  I’ve tried my hand at it, and quickly realized that managing a Tumblr requires a good bit of your time just to find posts to reblog.  Then, you have to participate in the social aspect of things like following other Tumblrs and liking posts, to increase your engagement and thus, your new potential followers.  Add in managing several Tumblrs for different niches and things start to get complicated!

Some people have lessened this burden by making clever scripts for Greasemonkey, or using services like IFTTT…but those solutions either still require a lot of time on your part, or aren’t specifically made for Tumblr.

Enter Blend Press, a web application specifically designed to remove yourself from the equation.  Once you configure your “blends,” it runs completely hands-off.  A blend is comprised of different “ingredients” that are essentially your content sources.  Your posts, queue, following, liking, etc. is all done for you…configured to your exact specifications.  Currently, the possible content sources are other Tumblrs and subreddits…with RSS and Imgur on the way.

Some of the Tumblr options

I set mine up in about 10 minutes and watched my queue and posts fill up with content every hour.

Now, I could focus on getting ads on the blog so I can start getting paid for the traffic to the blog.

The two ad companies that I’m most comfortable with, and work well, are Exoclick and Popads.  I much prefer Popads, because you can get better niches so that your ads are more targeting (and more likely to be clicked)…and there a lot more advanced options available to personalize the ads.

After that, you simply generate the code for your site and put it into your Tumblr theme, inside the <head> tags.  That’s it!

If you want to take it further and create an entire army of Tumblrs, with different niches and ads, Blend Press also offers a premium plan for $5/month that includes unlimited “blends” and “ingredients” across those blends.  Though, the free plan is just fine for getting started.

If you do want to go ahead and create an army of ad-revenue earning Tumblrs, I managed to finagle a coupon code for my readers!  Use code “EFFYOU” at checkout for 50% off your first 3 months of their premium plan.

Do you already manage multiple Tumblrs?  How are you doing it?

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