Passive Income Phone Fleet Reloaded

My old fleet of 5 Android devices playing PerkTV has gotten me almost $1,800 (current figures).  But, my old LG Motions have been having trouble lately trying to play the ads.  Every time I passed the phones, they would be stuck on a loading circle, never playing any ads.  My earnings dropped significantly.  I remember usually picking up a $50 gift card every two weeks or so, but now it seemed like I was only applying for a $25 gift card every month.  I decided it might be time to upgrade my fleet after reading this post on /r/beermoney.  He made $280 on Perk alone!  I had some serious catching up to do.

It’s not Perk.  It’s mostly my shit phones.

I picked up some slightly more modern LG Realms that could run a newer version of Android.  It was important that they were running Android 4.3, since an app that I wanted to use to automate them required it.  I started out with 5, and planned to ramp up from there.

It’s not 5 devices per account, it’s more like 5 devices per app

And, they have a ton of apps.  For now, I have some on PerkTV and some on Perk Word Search.  I’m going to buy more once the phones that I like come back in stock over at C7 Recycle.  I don’t know why I like that store so much.  I think it’s because I can just click to add the right power cable, and Jon always helpfully responds to my e-mails if I ever have any problems with a phone.

AutoInput is where it’s at

Before, I would rely on Freps to follow a script of clicks in order to get the videos playing.  No longer.  AutoInput allows me to program Tasker to wait for certain UI states and then act upon them.  So, I can easily dismiss popups, I can (randomly) rate videos, I can handle any unexpected situation as long as I program Tasker to do it.  This is great, because these income apps have a lot of little popups and annoyances that a simple procedural script cannot account for.

Syncing Tasker profiles is key

Now that I have many devices, it’s would be a disaster if I had ever had to maintain or change a script.

Now, my process for a change is such:

  1. I use my phone labeled as “Master” to make the change and get Tasker running just how I want it
  2. I export the Tasker profile
  3. I use Dropsync to upload the profile to Dropbox
  4. I use Dropsync on all of the other “slave” phones to download the profile
  5. I load the backup into each slave phone
  6. Restart Tasker
  7. Done, and all my phones are running the latest version of my script

Eventually, it would be great to automate even this process!

The world is my oyster with the right automation

I have my eyes set on all sorts of income apps.  There are easily 10-20 more apps that I could be running, between the array of PerkTV and Swagbucks and Earnhoney and other, smaller companies…I’m going to need some more phones!

With my current setup, I hope to earn about $160-180/mo.  My earnings will only go up as I figure out how to automate each app, one by one.

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9 Responses

  1. joel says:

    I have a small phone farm myself. running about 25 phones currently. Automation would save me countless hours of time. How do you more specifically get tasker to do what you need it to do? Can this be done with a free app instead?

    • effyoumoney says:

      Likely, no. But, Tasker is probably most “worth it” app in Google Play. You can automate almost anything you want.

      Tasker has plugins like AutoInput that will let you script certain things like “Open app -> wait for X button to appear, then click it -> wait for Y button to appear, then click it…etc”

      You can also have UI Queries running constantly that will wait for screen elements to appear before performing an action – great for popup ads that stop video playback.

      I haven’t seen any free app that will let you do all of this. It’s well worth it, in my opinon, since I use Tasker and AutoInput in my daily driver phone as well…not just for automating these devices.

      Tasker is a little difficult to get up and going if you’re inexperienced. Have you noodled around with it at all?

  2. Juel says:

    Just found this post of yours. I’d love if you can do a follow up.

  3. Joseph says:

    How do you close different kinds of ads?

    • effyoumoney says:

      With AutoInput and Tasker. A condition is met (an element of the ad is displayed on the screen), and then an action is taken (clicking the X/close button of the ad).

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