Shave for less. Much less.

Recently, Gillette sued Dollar Shave Club for patent infringement.  While Dollar Shave Club doesn’t produce the blades, they do re-sell them.  When I see this lawsuit, it just screams to me that it’s merely a giant corporation disliking cheap (and the same) blades becoming more mainstream.  They had the market cornered for quite some time due to brand recognition and the options at the stores weren’t that varied.

So, who does produce the cheap blades for Dollar Shave Club?  Dorco, USA.  And, you can buy from them directly and save even more money.

But you know what?  Even at ~$1/blade, that’s still too expensive for my blood.  Here at EYM, we do things on the cheap and they usually work better anyway.  I’m not talking about keeping a beard, because sadly, I can’t grow a decent one.  I’m talking about wet shaving with a double-edged (DE) razor.


There are a lot of benefits to using a DE razor

Less trash

You can pick up 100 razors in very minimal packaging, rather than getting packs and packs of 4 razors per pack.  It’s just slightly less stuff to throw away, and I feel pretty good about that.

They last a good amount of time

I typically get 10 shaves out of a blade.  Also, I find myself only shaving once per week…or for special events.  This makes my annual cost:

52 shaves per year / 10 shaves per blade = 5 blades per year (5.2 exactly)

What’s funny, is that I’m still using the very first box of blades that I bought, since they should last me for 20 years.  I don’t think I can even keep track of razors for that long.

It’s much, much cheaper

These are the razors that I get:

How much are they per blade?

$9.48 (at time of publishing this post) / 100 blades = $0.09/blade

5 blades per year * $0.09/blade = $0.45/year to shave

If I shaved like a normal person (every day), it would cost $3.29/year and the box would last you for 2.8 years.  That’s still incredible.

How does this compare to Gillette and the Dorco blades?  Gillette is 3144% more expensive and Dorco/Dollar Shave Club is 1011% more expensive than just regular old DE razor blades.

It’s a better shave!

Those that have problems with razor burn, bumps or any other irritation are typically promptly directed to straight razors or DE razors.  This is because when you shave with an incredibly sharp and precise single razor (versus 5, cheap blades), you irritate the skin much less.

Like most things that are cheap (but better), there is a bit of a learning curve.  Thankfully, we live in a time when the vast entirety of human knowledge is always out our fingertips.  If you want to know more about DE shaving, head on over to /r/wicked_edge.  Check out their FAQ and gift suggestions if you’re looking to buy.

For me, I just went with a basic setup…and since I was saving so much money on the blades, I went a little fancy on the shaving cream and alum block.  Here’s my setup:

This one could be a little heavier for my taste, but I’m not going to be picky.  I do appreciate the longer handle and it’s easy to clean.

I love the smell of this shaving cream.  Bonus, this stuff lasts forever.  On my first tub, I used too much and after I had mixed it with water, ended up with far more cream than I needed on my brush.  I would say that one tub will last me 6-12 months.

This is just your basic brush.  A few hairs came out during the beginning phases of breaking it in, but I read that that is normal.  I haven’t had any abnormal problems with it, but I have used a cheaper brush and could tell the difference.

This stuff feels great to put on after a shave.  It helps to close the pores and it’s a natural antiseptic.  If you do happen to nick yourself, it will help curb the bleeding.  For whatever reason, my face simply feels much smoother and looks better after using it.

That’s about it!  Some people like to go all out with much more expensive blades and such, but I find that this meets my needs.  There’s such a thing as too much, in my opinion.  I don’t want to get to the point where I have a million blade samples and more than one razor clogging up my drawer.  But, there are worse things to spend your money on.  People also tend to use bowls to mix their cream in, but I find that it’s just as easy to dash the brush into the soap a bit…slightly dip it into the water to get it mixed in…and then brush in circles on my face.  Basically, it uses your face/hair to mix the cream.  The bonus here is that I don’t have to clean out and store a bowl in my already cramped bathroom.

So that’s my setup and routine.  How are you saving money on shaving?  Do you prefer Dollar Shave Club for any particular reason?

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