Cut your own hair

Haircuts are something that everybody needs unless you plan on looking like a homeless tramp or you’re a hermit.  Do it yourself and you can save yourself a big chunk of money.

 It’s not necessarily something that you have to pay for, though, if you learn to cut your own hair.  And, if you’re a guy, you have a leg up on this deal because you will look just fine with short hair.  I make no claim to know how to cut hair and I certainly have no idea how to cut girl’s hair.  I do, however, run the clippers over my head every week in an organized way that makes me look just fine.  It’s a clean, quick look that doesn’t require me to buy any gels or other products to maintain the style.  I don’t have to fuss about it and it always looks the same way.  It’s fine for every day and job interviews and weddings.  All it cost me was $18…once.

This set has nice color-coded lengths and the lengths are imprinted right on the clippers themselves so there’s no piece of paper to lose.  What do you need all of those lengths for?  Because it’s super easy to learn how to give yourself a basic fade.  Here is the video that I learned from:

If you’re looking for a different style, fiddle around with the related videos because there are some other nice ones that go over how to maintain longer styles.  Also, if you’re not totally into the idea of doing it all by yourself, there are methods used to just give yourself a little touch up so that you don’t have to go to the barber as often.

So, how much are we saving here?

Last I checked, a simple haircut at my old usual spot was $14.  I won’t even get into the prices of more expensive salons.  Typically, this is about once per month for most people.  I only give myself a weekly clipping because it’s free and I want to look together.  For this calculation, I’ll just say it’s $14/month.  So, using the 173 rule, that would save me about $2,422 over 10 years.  Awesome!

Learning to cut your own hair also has its own benefits.

  • I don’t have to go anywhere and wait in line for a haircut.
  • I can get a haircut as often as I please, for just the one-time cost.
  • There’s no odd period where I’m hemming and hawing about going to get a haircut.  I always look the same.
  • I never have to buy hair products to maintain a complicated look.

What’s even more impressive is the return on investment.  A whopping 13,431%  That kind of ROI doesn’t come around very often.

If you’re worried about messing up your hair, don’t worry.  It will grow back.  Also, by taking your time and using the guards, it’s pretty hard to mess up.  Any sort of fading mistake generally is unrecognizable.  I’ve thought I messed up a few times, and my SO assured me that it wasn’t noticeable…and nobody else said anything.  So, loosen up!  Have fun with it, save money and learn to cut your own hair!  The benefits are great.

Are you going to give this a shot?  Do you already?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I cut my younger kids hair and get mine cut once a year. Unfortunately my older kids won’t let me touch theirs. 🙂

  1. December 12, 2015

    […] those hair clippers?  If you keep them lubed up and in good shape, they’ll probably last 5 or more years. […]

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