Alcohol worth spreadsheet

I like to get sauced.  But, which alcohol can get me the drunkest for the cheapest?  Sure, taste counts, this isn’t the Marines anymore…but this is a financial independence blog.  I’m not going to get far in my FI quest if I don’t put taste at #2 priority!

I like to get sauced so much so, that I actually need to figure out how to get my money’s worth.

I know, I know, I could save so much money if I learned how to have fun without booze and only hit the bottle on special occasions.  But, damnit, I’m a Marine.  It just wouldn’t be right if I couldn’t booze up on my non-workout days (or sometimes on my workout days).  I readily admit that I spend too much on booze, but I think there are bigger fish to fry for now.  So in an effort to quell my fears of spending out of control, I made an Alcohol Worth Spreadsheet (I’m so, so very sorry for the #1 ranking alcohol.  But, it had to be done for science!)



Basically, I took the alcohol % content and the size of the container to find the mL of alcohol in the beverage.  I added in whether or not I get a discount at the store (Erie County Thank-a-Vet Program) to find the total.  Then, I divided the mL of alcohol by the total cost to find my prized number:  mL of alcohol per $1.

Every time I fancy to go get myself a new bottle of something, I’ll note its content, size and cost in here for future reference.  It has led to some surprising revelations.  For instance, I can get a Bota Box of wine cheaper without a discount at Wegmans than I can at the liquor store where I get a 20% discount.  Thus making my mL/$ ratio a bit better at Wegmans.

It’s pretty simple and I think the columns speak for itself.  Typically I’ll settle down into a new thing that’s high in the list for awhile…like seasonal rum + apple cider.  Or vodka + sparkling water + lime juice in the summer.  At least this list helps me gauge how much cheaper I could be getting drunk.  Like why drink Jagermeister when the Kraken is double the mL/$?!

I do need to incorporate some kind of ranking algorithm based on taste.  And, my liquor store has a rewards program where you points that turn into gift cards (so $1 spent isn’t exactly a $1 spent, but it’s close).  I just don’t know the conversion rate.

Still, this gives me a really good base to start from!  Now, where’s my beer…

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2 Responses

  1. Lol, this was my first visit to your site and I had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading it.

    Analyzing numbers on topics most people would never think about doing is fun.

    I literally had a discussion with my gf that I should start drinking more hard alcohol because it would be way cheaper than buying my favorite six pack that is $7.99.

    Some cheap vodka or cheap rum could do the trick for fractions of the cost, but how enjoyable would it be?

    I like your style.

    • effyoumoney says:

      Try out some vodka and sparkling water! My SO enjoys them very much. You can put any sort of different flavor in there (lemon, lime, pomegranate, etc. juices). Bonus: you’re drinking water the entire session and hangovers are much, much less.

      I agree with you…hard alcohol is typically the way you want to go if you want to watch your value. You do have a few outliers, though…like that Natty Ice 🙂

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