Monthly Archive: December 2015


Decimating your phone bill

We all need a cell phone and some sort of service.  According to a JD Power survey, the average phone bill is $73/mo.  That means that if you want to retire early and afford...


My savings goals

This is going to sound strange, but I haven’t actually fleshed out my savings goals and exactly how much I’m going to need to save in order to retire early.  I just know a few...


Electric bike – Worth the cost?

Having just ticked over 1000 miles on the electric bike’s odometer (1008 actually), I thought it was time to make a post and dive into the numbers about its value. A long, long time...


Alcohol worth spreadsheet

I like to get sauced.  But, which alcohol can get me the drunkest for the cheapest?  Sure, taste counts, this isn’t the Marines anymore…but this is a financial independence blog.  I’m not going to get...


Cut your own hair

Haircuts are something that everybody needs unless you plan on looking like a homeless tramp or you’re a hermit.  Do it yourself and you can save yourself a big chunk of money.


Meal prepping: Lunch edition

Meal prepping is one of my favorite activities, even before /r/mealprepsunday was a thing.  I wanted something I could make every week that: Was easy for a beginner to learn Had room for variation Was...