Hi there and welcome to Eff You Money.  My goal here is to write down my journey to financial independence and early retirement.  My salary is modest ($55k/yr), but so are my needs.  I need about $28k/yr to survive comfortably.

I’m a 31-year old software developer who never graduated college (hell, I just managed to scrape up a GED).  I should have no business trying to be financially independent…much less FI in <15 years.  But where there’s a will, there’s a way…and I have a lot of research under my belt.  There’s a ton of good early retirement and personal finance blogs out there…and the result of reading almost all of them?  I have a lot of excess money.

Most of the blogs I’ve seen out there are written by married people with high double incomes.  So, I want to show people that the little guy can do it too.

We have plenty of time to go over exact numbers, but for now, I want to take some time to discuss why I want Eff You Money.

Much like this very wise man, I want the security of never having to worry about money ever again.  I want to amass my modest fortune into various assets and have them generate a salary for myself, all on their own.  Once that is done, I want to be able to do whatever I want.  Since that time will be over 10 years from now, I think it’s safe to say that I don’t know what that is yet.  I can say, that no matter what I do, I would like a base salary of $28k+/yr paid from my assets.

I want this salary so that I can live life by my terms.  If I want to work from home, I’m going to do that.  If I want to take June-August off, I’m going to do that.  I want to spend my energy living life based on what actually gives me happiness, rather than chasing jobs and money to buy what won’t.  Things don’t make you happy and I want the free time and freedom to chase happiness more productively.  The price of this freedom?  Lots and lots of cash in money-returning assets.

My challenge, however, is to create this mountain of assets in a short time (<15 years), on an entry-level salary, with only a GED-level education, being single (well, not married).  I do have a good start, I have the correct mindset, I’m determined and I will not fail.

Hopefully during this whole accumulation process, I can share what I know and maybe encourage others in their similar journeys.  Or, at least it’s therapeutic for me to write!  Speaking of, I imagine there are going to be a lot of posts about lifestyle design, philosophy (as it pertains to money/happiness) and I wouldn’t be surprised if a drunken rant made it on here.

Next post, I’ll try to document where I am in my humble beginnings.  This way, I have something to track every month.  I have some more ideas, but I think I’ll just cruise for awhile posting content.  Snazzy things can wait.

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  1. Andre says:

    I stumbled across your blog from r/ebikes and love it! I’m not in a high double income situation myself, but have the same FI goal, so I look forward to your thoughts.

    • effyoumoney says:

      Hey there, glad you found me. I’m looking forward to hearing another perspective as well, so thanks for following along! It’s good conversation and keeps the motivation going.

      What are your goals?

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